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When you make something easy to use, People are going to use it.

THE WHAT – At Darkhorse Tech, we use the Microsoft Office365 Email Encryption System.

THE WHY – Everybody in the world knows Microsoft. The number one complaint with other systems is the complexity, and with complexity comes two things: misuse or non-use.  By having a system that people are familiar with, you are greatly increasing the chances of it being used properly and effectively.

THE HOW – Step One: create an email, Step Two: type “encrypt” anywhere in the body or subject of the email, Step Three: hit Send.  That’s it!

THE COST – Starting at $5 per Managed Exchange Email and $3 per Encryption License. It is also an option to add Microsoft Apps like Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint and more to the license for up to 5 computers.


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